According to the latest report by the World Economic Forum, Pakistan is ranked at number 4th in terms of their contribution to global freelance workers. That alone shows how quickly freelancing is getting popular in Pakistan. It indicates that youth has liked the concept of working from home and making money by selling their skills.

One of the many advantages of freelancing is that it gives you the freedom to choose clients and projects as well as it gives you access to the global market and offers you exposure to working with clients around the world. As a consequence, freelancing has become a popular career option for many people in Pakistan, especially the fresh graduates.

Seeing the popularity of growing freelance culture, Government of Punjab introduced E-Rozgaar Program, as well as Ministry of IT has initiated DigiSkills where both the programs are helping youth learn and sell their skills online to the global market.

Apart from these initiatives, youth itself is helping each other through online communities where they share their experiences and help others having issues.

Facebook Groups for Freelancers

If you are one such individual who wants to become the part of active freelancing communities then here is a list of some of the most active Facebook groups dedicated to a wide range of skills that freelancers are selling online. Beginners and experts, you would find almost all types of freelancers in these communities.

  1. Pakistani SEO and Bloggers (100k+ members)
  2. Bloggers Funda (100k+ members)
  3. Learn Freelancing with Hisham Sarwar (33k+ members)
  4. Pakistani SEO and Fiverr Experts (28k+ members)
  5. DigiSkills Training (21k+ members)
  6. Amazon FBA Pakistan (33k+ members)
  7. Pakistan Freelancers (310k+ members)
  8. Pakistan Freelancers (116k+ members)
  9. Pakistani Bloggers World (17k+ members)
  10. Pakistani Probloggers (28k+ members)
  11. Freelancers in Pakistan (48k+ members)
  12. Content Writers: Pakistan (23k+ members)
  13. SEO & Event Blogging (20k+ members)
  14. Pakistani Freelancers (50k+ members)
  15. Learn Digital Marketing (1k members)

The list is organized in a way that the most active groups are ranked at number.


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