Pakistan has been facing many critical situations from the last some decades. We have been fighting inside our own country just for the sake of survival and integrity of Pakistan. Whether it was the earthquake of 2005 or the terrible flood of 2010, which extinguished several villages from the map of the World, Pakistanis have proved themselves to be the most integrated nation that can go to every extent just for the sake of the survival of their ideology and the homeland. How they are united at their hard times is a unique example in itself from history.

The economic powers of the World have always tried to subdue the determination and struggle of Pakistan under these false titles. But Pakistanis have proved, they can fight against any situation when they are determined and united, no matter it is the settlement of migrants or an effort in their homeland for peace. The control on the internal affairs of the country has given way to the new trend of success, and the most significant threshold for this is the initiative of Digital Pakistan.

Digital Pakistan is a step to include the undeveloped and ignored rural areas of Pakistan in the country's economy. The advent and progress of different technologies have revolutionized the world, and healthy participation in this field is a safeguard and insurance on the economic stability of any country. The minorities, women and disables who were unable to put their efforts and take part in Pakistan's economy are the targets of the Digital Pakistan program where they are trained to give their best and render some services which make them financially secured.

This program is an initiative of stakeholders who wish to stabilize each Pakistani economically irrespective of their caste, creed, gender, physical ability, and social standard. This project has an underlying mission that focuses on the development of rural areas and putting a positive image of Pakistan before the World. The purpose is to extract as much from technology as possible and revolutionize the digital world, which can benefit the nation as well as the country.

Digital Pakistan - an international and national movement

The Prime Minister's statement of launching the Digital Pakistan Project infused a lifelong thrill and excitement in all the Pakistanis inside and outside Pakistan. The vision revolves around five points which include

  1. Access and Connectivity
  2. Digital Infrastructure
  3. E-Government
  4. Digital Skills
  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Policy Advancement and Interference

  • The identification of the factors which can speed up the success rate of the project Digital Pakistan. 
  • The discussion on the factors which are hurdling the success rate or speed of the project Digital Pakistan in any way. 

The Development in Technology

  • The presentation of “The instant manifestation of the idea,” which will outcast the impact that is produced when an idea is turned into reality. This will help the authorities to make the project more practical in real terms.
  • Cornerstone technological development will be designed and functioned under the program Digital Pakistan or any such operation which will be operated and looked after under Pakistan Government and had had strategic results.
  • The interconnectivity of the citizens, government, local industries, and international characters which will make the negotiations easier.


In The digital Pakistan program, the government intends to spread digital information to every sect of the country. People will be able to continue their local and cultural activities but through the digital World. For example, after getting the necessary pieces of training, they will be able to sell their homemade items through online websites and platforms. The government of Pakistan will create a stake that will interconnect the government with these different departments of society. This connection of government-public will digitally ensure the clearance of usual expenses, and the tax recovery will be 100% guaranteed as well. All these things will be done with one step awareness under which the individuals will be given all the essential information just once.

Digital Problem-Solvers

Digital Pakistan is a pathway where each individual of Pakistan can expect his or her economic stability. This initiative encourages the employment opportunities through freelancing platforms and marketplaces and Ride Healing Companies and creating a favorable condition which will help the development and encouragement of startups. The authorities endeavor to abridge the social skills to international requirements where the employment chances are more magnificent and are paid higher.

The Basic Departments of this Struggle

The most exciting facet of the digital revolution is its unlimited scope, which surrounds daily life in any way, so the departments are also multidirectional. This movement is divided into five necessary steps:

  • The representation of the Digital Pakistan movement and its progress. The deliverance of the statement of Digital Pakistan to every citizen of Pakistan.
  • Determination of the factors of success annually.
  • E-Government
  • Training in Digital Skills
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The hashtag digital Pakistan trend got viral on social media platforms even before the Prime Minister’s statement, and many of the private departments are serving under digital technology. We hope they can ensure the success of this initiative. The primary target of the program is to ensure its success, make the country open to new opportunities.

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