For an emerging market, the biggest challenge is to provide jobs to its youth. To overcome this un-employment gap, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Youth Affairs, Sports, Archaeology & Tourism Department have decided to train youth regarding freelancing so that they can acquire skills which are globally required and earn a handsome income. For this purpose, PITB decided to open eRozgaar centers in 36 districts of Punjab. The initial objective of this program is to train 10,000 graduates in a year.

If you have decided to join eRozgaar, you should know these 13 things before you apply for it.

1) This is a Three-Month Program

eRozgaar is a three months training program. In these 3 months, they will provide in-depth training regarding globally demanded skills in freelancing. To train you, PITB hires experienced trainers after completion of certain requirements including at least 2 years of freelancing experience with top-rated freelancer profiles.

Laptops with internet facility will be available for trainees. You will gain practical knowledge. If you face any problem, there is management to assist you. Apart from this, you have to give feedback on a weekly basis to share your views regarding the whole team of that particular center for improvement purposes.

2) Three Domains to Choose From

There are three domains in eRozgaar program you have to choose 1 from these 3 domains.

i) Technical

The technical domain is basically for those having tech-related background, like if you have done BSIT or BSCS then this domain suits you, but still there are no restrictions to choose other domains with these backgrounds. In this domain, you will acquire a plethora of skills including web development basics, HTML, CSS, MySQL and WordPress from basics to advance level including theme and plugin development. This is a great chance for those who want to boost their online career in freelancing in order to obtain expertise from scratch. There is a huge online market regarding WordPress as it is used by more than 30% of the top 1 million websites.

ii) Content Marketing and Advertising

This domain, as the name says, is about how to market your content and how to advertise your products in this digital era. In this domain of eRozgaar program after 3 months of training, you will walk away with expertise in social media marketing such as Facebook marketing, marketing funnels, blogging through different content management system such as Blogger & WordPress, On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), lead generation, Youtube Channel creation, Content Monetization, Instagram Marketing and much more. You would see people from diverse backgrounds in this domain as graduates from any background or degree can join this domain.

iii) Creative Design

Another globally demanded domain is a part of eRozgaar program, which is creative designing. In this domain you will learn to design from scratch, it includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. These apps are used in logo designing, in making of corporate identity kit, shirt designing, and illustrations.

3) No Stipend

As in some programs, the government offers a stipend; therefore, you might have a question in mind if you will be getting a stipend or allowance? The answer to your question is NO. You won’t be getting any stipend. But you will be able to earn in dollars once the learn and sell demand-driven skills.

4) You Earn for Real

You will actually start earning during your on-going training. As it is the practical training, you will have to make freelancing profiles on different platforms and start job hunting. No matter which degree you had earned, or in which domain you had yourself enrolled, you can actually start earning if you follow their guideline, as it has been observed that most of their trainees start earning online while they are taking their training classes.

5) No Fee

One of the key features of this program is, it has no fee. You don’t have to pay a single penny for this training once you are selected for this.  Therefore avail of this opportunity and start earning.

6) Degrees Don't Matter

In this program, in all three domains, you will be trained from scratch; therefore, your degree’s field doesn’t matter whether you are from MBA, Biotechnology or Engineering. You can choose a domain that suits your interests.

7) Not Everyone Gets Selected

Every training program has some basic requirements to join. Though it’s a free training, it does have basic requirements. Everyone who applies for this training has to go through a process. The utmost requirement of this program is, you should have 16 years of education, you have to pass an online test, you have to go through an interview, your interview will be held in selected centers after which you will be able to attend training sessions. Therefore, don’t take this for granted as ‘not everyone gets selected’.

8) It is offered Only in Punjab

As this program is the initiative of the Punjab Information Technology Board, therefore it is only available in Punjab. 40 Centers have been arranged in 36 districts across Punjab. So, if you have a Punjab domicile then you are eligible to apply for this program.

9) You Should Learn From Other Platforms Too

This is the era of digitalization you can learn enormous things on the internet, therefore, it’s a tip that you should not rely on one platform, learn from other platforms too, such as YouTube, Coursera, alongside this training. This will help you to gain in-depth knowledge in your field.

10) Make Your Mind

Before you join the eRozgaar training program you should clear your mind about yourself whether you’re able to do freelancing or not, because freelancing requires dedication and focus. Freelancing can be very difficult for you if your main focus is your job, therefore make your mind before applying for this training.

11) Participation

This is the pro-tip for you if you are selected for this program, try to take part in class regularly, ask relevant questions to clear your doubts, listen to others’ questions too as in this way you can enhance your knowledge. It has been seen that students who participate in the class regularly, ear more than those who don’t take part in the class.

12) Hackathon

To make youth entrepreneur-oriented, PITB decided to add Hackathon activity in this training program. In this event, there will be different teams, consisting of members from all domains, and they have to present a business idea related to IT. Judges decide a winner based on the best business idea. The winning team gets a certificate on graduation. Winners then compete at Plan9, Government’s Incubation Center, leading to PlanX where they get funds for the expansion and further execution.

13) You Will Get Certificate If You Qualify

At the end of the eRozgaar program training, there will be a graduation ceremony but to qualify for certification you have to take care of your attendance as 80% attendance is mandatory to qualify for the certificate.

Hopefully, these things will clear many questions that you might be having in your mind. In case you still have doubts or need more clarity, drop a comment.

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