Writing an attractive Upwork introduction will get you to win more projects and will help you in getting more eyes on your Upwork profile. You can have years of experience, but your profile introduction isn't catchy, you will miss a lot and your profile may underperform due to lack of a good first impression.

Your Upwork Profile Introduction explains a lot about you. Through this, you give an impression if you are a valuable person for clients or not. If your profile overview is not impressive enough, you won't be able to convince most clients to hire you on Upwork. You may be a beginner or an expert in any skill, you need to write your profile introduction very carefully. 

Understand the Purpose

Writing a piece of content about yourself is an art. To be good at this art, you need to understand the purpose of the introduction. Writing your introduction for Upwork is absolutely different than writing an introduction to a college, or for a job.

In this article, you will get learn the best approach to create a flawless introduction or professional overview for your Upwork profile. The best and easiest way to learn this by analyzing what to write and what not to write.

Common Mistakes in Most Upwork Profile Introductions

Being a trainer, I have seen students making some common mistakes when they create their profile. Some of the most common mistakes include:

  • Mediocre Start
  • Self-Centered
  • Grammatical Mistakes
  • Formatting
  • Short in Length
  • Monotoned
  • Unmeasurable Claims
  • Crying for not having Experience

Mediocre Start: I have seen many introductions that begin as if a school kid is writing an essay about himself in 4th standard. Such introductions are boring from the very first line and they hardly get any chance to succeed. Look at some examples of a mediocre start;

  • Hi, my name is Zohaib Hassan, I am from Pakistan, I have done MBA, I am a good Content Writer.
  • Hello Respected Client, Thank you for visiting my profile, I am Facebook Marketing Expert.
  • I am XYZ from Lahore, I am a content writer, I am a gold medalist from Punjab University

Avoid such a mediocre start. You need to be better than that if you want to give a professional impression.

Self-Centered: Some beginners and event skilled wanna-be freelancers would make their intros extremely self-centered. They are bragging about themselves in each line. I am this, I am that, kind of stuff. You need to avoid making your introduction look like that. 

Grammatical Mistakes: This is a very common mistake I came across in most profiles. Even people with Masters Degrees write like they have never written a piece of content in English before. Some would never bother proofreading what they write. I have seen people claiming to be a content writer yet having tons of grammatical & spelling mistakes in their own introductions. No one in their right mind hires such writers.

Wrong Formatting: Make sure you format the text properly. I have seen introductions that are just written in a crazy way. People lacking the understanding of where to put a full stop, a comma, and even space. Some don't even know which word to capitalise. Some would even write the entire line in capital letters without any regret. This is a highly basic thing, yet many commit such formatting mistakes.

Short in Length: Your 3-4 line introduction would get you nothing on Upwork. Don't be a guy/girl who half-heartedly writes his/her profile introduction. Better don't write at all.

Monotoned: This is not just a technical point, rather a psychological point as well. If your introduction is written in the form of a never-ending paragraph, good luck with success. Everyone feels like it is a lot of work reading such never-ending paragraphs.

Unmeasurable Claims: Some introductions have so many irrational claims in it. Beginners be saying, I am very hardworking, I am very passionate, I am very dedicated, etc. No one can measure this, you better don't overly mention such things.

Crying for not having experience: It is better not to mention that you don't have the experience, yet many would cry in their introduction mentioning again and again that they are new in this field. They just mess up their own freelancing career with their own hands.

Bad Examples of Upwork Profile Introduction

Check some of the less impressive profile examples.

Bad Example #1
bad example of upwork profile 1

Bad Example #2
bad example of upwork profile 2

Bad Example #3
bad example of upwork profile 3

Writing the Best Introduction for Upwork

An impressive Profile Overview is a secret hack to get more projects on Upwork. If you just avoid the above mistakes, you probably will come up with an impressive introduction. Just be careful about the above mistakes and follow the tips shared below.

  • Write to Showcase the Value You can Deliver
  • Talk about Skills You Have
  • Mention the Tools You can Use
  • Use Different Formatting Styles
  • Make it Lengthy enough to Look good
  • Use professional Vocabulary
  • Properly Structure your Lines and Paragraphs
  • Proofread

Value: No one is interested in your personal life achievements, your degrees, where you were born, or what is your CGPA. Talk about what you can do for others. Mention the value you can deliver, tasks you can do, problems you can resolve, the productivity you can bring.

Skills: If you decided to create an Upwork profile, you must be having some skills. Talk about them. If you are a beginner in freelancing, talk about the tasks you can do, maybe you are not 100% perfect in them, but write about those skills, let the world know you have skills and you can help others with that.

Tools: If you have a skill, there must be a tool related to that skill. Do not forget to mention those tools that help you in performing the tasks. Let's say if you are good at content writing, chances are you are good at using Microsoft Word. If you are good at creating logos, chances are you are good at Adobe Photoshop. Do mention the tools.

Formatting Style: Use short sentences and keep your paragraphs short, no longer than 4 lines. Use multiple paragraphs. Try showing off some important points in the list-style as well. Bullet lists make it easier for the reader to absorb useful information.

Length: Upwork allows us to write 5000 characters. Use at least 1,000 to 1,500 characters. Be expressive about what you can deliver and how valuable you are for clients.

Structure: Make sure each line matches the next line. Convey the idea properly. Bring parallelism to your content. Parallelism is the matching of the forms of words, phrases, or clauses within a sentence. Conjoined items in a sentence must be in the same grammatical form.

Proofread: If you are not doing, you better have not written it in the first place. No matter how good you are at writing, never forget to proofread your content. Do it two times at least to make sure you didn't commit any mistake. 

Good Examples of Upwork Profile Introductions

Have a look at some of the good profile examples below.

Good Example #1
good example of upwork profile 1

Good Example #2
good example of upwork profile 2

Hoping these tips will help you write an impressive introduction for Upwork profile resulting not just a quick approval of your profile, but also getting you projects and earning. You may also check official best practices to create a profile on Upwork's knowledgebase as well.

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